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Dancing With Death: Ballerina Dances on Knives


So this isn't normally the kind of thing we would post on FEARnet, but ballet hasn't been this scary since Black Swan. Artist Javier Perez filmed ballerina Amelie Segarra dancing en pointe on knives. Pointe shoes take months just to learn to stand in; imagine doing it on the tip of a knife. 

There are a few reasons I thought that FEARnet readers would be interested in this. First, it sounds like it would make an amazing Saw trap. Second, the short film - only three and a half minutes long - is loaded with danger. I'm sure there were plenty of safety measures in place, but it looks like she could fall and kill herself at any second. I sure didn't want to see that happen, but there was a morbid curiosity there. And third, the film is beautiful and tense. The cavernous theater, the quick edits that ramp up the longer she dances, had me on edge more than any horror movie in a very long time.