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Daniel Radcliffe Eyeing 'Frankenstein'


Rumor has it that Daniel Radcliffe is eyeing the role of the Hunchback (aka Igor) in director Paul McGuigan’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s famous tale.

Max Landis (Chronicle) wrote the script for 20th Century Fox and it’s reportedly a sci-fi take on the story of Frankenstein’s monster. The character of Igor is typically portrayed as the doctor’s right-hand man and he is often the one sent to collect the bodies and body parts for the scientist’s experiments.

So, the big question, at least in my mind is will Radcliffe have a hump? He’s already small and pale enough to play the part made famous by the likes of Dwight Frye and Marty Feldman. I confess, I always imagine the Igor character to be the latter and can’t help but imagine Radcliffe in a similar role.

Radcliffe seems to gravitate toward darker projects, his last role being in the Woman in Black. He is currently working on Alexandre Aja’s and Joe Hill’s Horns.

via TheWrap