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'Dark Cabaret' Artist Jill Tracy Appearing at Sacramento Horror Fest

Last week we reviewed the classy new release A Dark Cabaret 2 from Projekt Records, which compiled a variety of spooky, witty and sexy songs inspired by the melodies of 1920s & '30s German dance-hall music and old-time Vaudeville performers. One of the standout tracks on that collection was "In Between Shades" by Jill Tracy... who, as it turns out, is no stranger to the world of horror cinema. The multi-talented performer/composer is returning this week to the annual Sacramento Horror Film Festival to present "The Elegant Dark" – a collection of her film work and a full-length concert performance. Hit the jump for more info, including a couple of intriguing clips...

Music critics and high-profile artists, including horror legend Clive Barker and punk icon Jello Biafra, have praised Jill's haunting, surreal and sensual music as "both seductive and terrifying" and "dark as a drowning pool." You can sample her smooth skills in this video for "Haunted by the Thought of You" from her album The Bittersweet Constrain:

On top of her musical following, Tracy has also won over audiences with her film scores, which accompanied acclaimed films like Bill Domonkos' The Fine Art of Poisoning and NERVOUS96, the second of which premieres at this year's festival. She has also appeared onscreen opposite cult horror actor Tom Noonan (House of the Devil) in the seldom-seen thriller Ice Cream Ants, which will also be screened at the fest Thursday. Check out the trailer right here:

"The Elegant Dark with Jill Tracy" will take place this Thursday, October 20th at the Sacramento Film Festival. Check out their website for the complete October schedule, which this year will include a special screening of Night of the Creeps and the annual "Zombie Beauty Pageant."