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'Dark Shadows' Casts Its David Collins


And the coveted role of 8-year-old David Collins in the upcoming Dark Shadows film goes to... Gulliver McGrath!  The Aussie actor, until now, is best known for his role in The Loved Ones (if you were lucky enough to see the as-yet unreleased domestically film).  More after the jump.

In addition to casting McGrath, reports that director Tim Burton has his eye on Michael Sheen (Tron: Legacy, Alice in Wonderland, the Underworld series) to play David's dad, Roger.  IMDB already lists Sheen as part of the cast, but with no character.

Dark Shadows is based on the popular 1960s gothic soap opera.  Though it didn't start as a supernatural show, the introduction of vampire Barnabas Collins a year in drove the show's popularity.  In Tim Burton's version, Johnny Depp plays Barnabas (naturally).  Others in the cast include Michelle Pheiffer, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green, and (I assume) Helena Bonham Carter.