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Dark & Somber Greeting Cards: When You Care Enough to Send Messages of Death


Nothing says “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” or “You’re special to me.” like Black Metal.

Dark & Somber Greetings is a card company that specializes in messages for the more gloomy among us. Or, as they put it, for “thousands of misanthropic creatures who can at last feel comfortable sending a birthday card, or holiday message to one of their patron demons or family members.”

Each card is the diabolical creation of photographer/entrepreneur Courtney Frystak and illustrator/designer/musician Farron Loathing. They are 5x7, come with a black envelope, and run about $5 each, depending on where you buy them.

"It Is Time To Celebrate the Quickening of Your Death" Inside reads:  "It's Your Birthday!"

"Life is meaningless. Death is the only truth and the only absolution..." Inside reads:  “Get Well Soon

You can also make custom greetings for any of the unforgettably bleak moments in your life - marriage, new baby, graduation - you may want to commemorate.