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David Gordon Green's 'Suspiria' Remake to Use Goblin Score


Since Suspiria is Dario Argento's most beloved film, it's understandable that one would want to keep any remake of it as faithful as possible. Though I'm still unclear as to WHY one would remake Suspiria in the first place, when Argento's visual style is the whole point of the film. (It's not like it's based on a classic short story that invites all manner of interpretation.) But regardless, David Gordon Green's Natalie Portman-starring take on the film is in the works. And, while currently doing PR for his upcoming raunch fest Your Highness (also starring Portman), Green's indicating his remake will be SO faithful as to recreate entire scenes from the original, and use Goblin's iconic score. More after the jump. 

Speaking with Jen Yamato at MovieLine, Green remarks, "I'm trying to put it together to shoot in the fall or winter next year... I just finished a new draft of the script. It's very faithful to the original, although it doesn't have anything to do with ballet — it's more of an all-girls boarding school and focuses more on the occult."

"'I think it's something that's very closely inspired by Argento's original movie, Green said, 'and I think fans of that movie will see that we're taking those concepts — and in some cases those scenes, and in some cases those exact shots and dialogue —and expanding on it and making it very artful. And hopefully, horrifying.'"

Green also plans to have composer Steve Jablonsky (who scored Your Highness) use the Goblin score. "'We could start in a very faithful, synthesizer kind of world of music that Goblin does in the original film, and by the end of it turn that score into a huge opera, which would be incredible.'"