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David Lynch & Interpol Collaborate on Creepy Short


David Lynch's unique and often nightmarish visions sync up well with equally unusual music: even his most unsettling images would lose their horrific edge without score or sound effects. That's probably one of the reasons why Lynch tends to gravitate toward creative team-ups with musicians, like the strange and fascinating multimedia show he directed to accompany a live Duran Duran performance back in March. Another of his bizarre collaborations came out this week in the form of Red Button, an animated short set to the music of alt-rockers Interpol. Hit the jump to watch the clip and find out what else Lynch is working on lately...

In an article on Huffington Post, Interpol described their first meeting with Lynch three years ago – a meeting which sounded like a scene straight out of one of Lynch's movies, complete with many cups of coffee (if you're not getting that reference, let's just say coffee plays a major role in this man's career). "We are all Lynch nuts in the band," they explained, "and we spent a good amount of time invoking classic scenes from Twin Peaks that revolve around coffee."

Last year, the band met up with Lynch again to suggest doing a project together, and Lynch described the Red Button Man character he'd invented, which the band loved immediately. The band thought their song "lights" would be an ideal match, and suggested the animated character would make a great backdrop for their Coachella show; the result of that matchup can be seen below.

In other Lynch news, according to NME magazine, the artist is also involved in a music project to raise money for his own foundation, which promotes the teaching of transcendental meditation techniques. The compilation album, entitled Download for Good, features tracks by Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Maroon 5, Ben Folds, Moby, Charlatans, Alanis Morissette, and the Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer.

Now viddy the surreal creepiness that is The Red Button Man...