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News Article

David Lynch Tackles New Music Projects


David Lynch is always expanding his creative horizons through eccentric and often chilling multi-media concepts, but now he's gone as far as to flip his own well-known website,, into what might be the world's creepiest digital music store, promising a "sensory experience" based on the music and sound effects from his films, TV shows, albums and other projects. Lynch has created what he calls a "secret room filled with music," and it's officially up and running. Read on for more details, and learn more about Lynch's interesting plans for Duran Duran's upcoming concert...

Music and sound design have always been a major component of Lynch's art – from the horrifying industrial noisescapes of Eraserhead to the haunting (and Grammy-winning) theme song from Twin Peaks. Now Lynch is making all of these and more – including his own recent musical creations like the singles "Good Day Today" and "I Know" – available via online player and web store, all at the same location that used to be a paysite featuring original web series and Lynch's oddball webcam weather reports.

The site now includes amazing visual collages of images from Lynch's films, TV series and art projects as a backdrop for an interactive music-store browser, which is a little tricky to decipher at first (as you might expect), but covers every aspect of his work from a musical perspective, ranging from collaborations with various artists to movie soundtracks and experimental works. There's also a news feed and multiple networking options. It's probably going to change and evolve regularly, so be sure to drop by and explore soon.

In related news, Lynch will be directing the Duran Duran "Unstaged" concert, which airs via live web-stream on March 23rd at 10pm Eastern. According to Billboard Magazine, Lynch is planning "a world of experimentation and hopefully some happy accidents." His innovations for the concert will include user-selected camera angles, a "Crowd Visualizer" that unlocks special content when fan chat activity reaches a certain level, and concert visuals that viewers can manipulate in real-time.

Check out the trailer right here: