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News Article

David Lynch Wants You to Help Tell His Story


America's master surrealist, David Lynch, is an especially prime subject for a documentary film, seeing as how his work evokes as much curiosity as it does praise. So I'm happy to report that a group of filmmakers are planning just such a doc, with Lynch's blessing. The best part is that you can help get the film made, and get a limited art print signed by Lynch himself as a thank you. Details after the jump.

The David Lynch documentary is a Kickstarter project from a group calling themselves "Lynch Three". "Our goal," they say, "is to make a film that deeply explores the influences and experiences that have helped shape one of the most distinctive voices in modern cinema: David Lynch. It has been six years since we completed the first two parts of the documentary series and we are now ready to complete the third and final part. To do this we have chosen to partially finance the film via Kickstarter so that we retain 100% creative control of the film. We're in the process of finishing the film, but need your help in order to do it. That's why we're reaching out to all David Lynch fans."

Find out how you can participate, and score that signed Lynch art print, on the film's Kickstarter page. With Lynch's participation, this is bound to be a must-see for all fans of the maestro.