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Dawn Of Ashes Featured on Creature Corps Webisode


FX legend Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps recently designed massive makeup effects to accompany the video "Transformation Within Fictional Mutation" for extreme horror-metal band Dawn Of Ashes – whose very intense frontman Kristof Bathory I recently interviewed here on FEARnet. The nightmarish clip, which premiered earlier this month on, is now available to view here after the jump. Turn the page to see it, and learn more about the creation of this twisted abomination...

Episode #15 of Kurtzman's Creature Corps webseries is devoted to the making of the "Transformation" video, which was directed by David H. Greathouse – himself no stranger to the world of horror-themed music, as his credits include videos for bands like Mushroomhead and Midnight Syndicate.

In their extensive behind-the-scenes footage, you'll get a close look at the construction of the band's shredded-flesh bodysuits – but you won't see the band out of costume or makeup; even their voices are disguised on the soundtrack. Slimy Lovecraftian tentacles also appear to be covering every foot of the historic (and reportedly haunted) Bissman building in Mansfield, Ohio... and at some point you actually see Kurtzman's crew literally filling buckets with blood.

Visit Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps site to watch this webisode, but take note it's gated for ages 18 and up. Before you go, prepare your eyes for the horrors of "Transformation," from Dawn Of Ashes' hit album Genocide Chapters. Check it out!