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Dawn Of Ashes to Metallize Previous Material

When FEARnet last checked in with frontman Kristof Bathory from horror-metallers Dawn Of Ashes, he commented on the band's earlier incarnation as a terror EBM outfit, and how their presentation has always focused on destroying the audience. “We are simply following our predestined path,” he said, “and that is to create music that is aggressive and vile sounding.” As if to prove that point, DOA decided to revisit their early industrial era as updated metal versions. Find out more after the jump!

In a recent MySpace bulletin, the band announced that they would be putting up some of the past material to a vote, and let their fans decide which of the early tracks could make ideal candidates for a metal makeover. Along with some heavy-hitting entries like “Blade in the Dark” or “Abyss,” here's a creepy clip for “Torture Device,” from their 2007 industrial album The Crypt Injection, which might also make the cut:

For comparison, take a look at how they roll today, style-wise: here's the video for the single “Transformation Within Fictional Mutation” from the band's new album Genocide Chapters. This clip made our Best of 2010 list for Sickest Music Video, and you'll see why...