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This Day in Horror: 'Tarantula', 'Cabin Fever' and 'King Kong'


December 14 is quite a day for genre film. In 1955 moviegoers were introduced to the terror of Ray Bradbury’s killer arachnids. 2002 put horror heavy-hitter Eli Roth on the map with a gory tale of a group of college kids who lose their clothes and their flesh. 2005 saw a monster movie mainstay re-imagined by one of film’s greatest directors into an Academy Award-winning picture.

Title: Tarantula
Released: 1955
Tagline: Giant spider strikes! Crawling terror 100 feet high!

Title: Cabin Fever
Released: 2002
Tagline: Cabin Fever... catch it.

Title: King Kong
Released: 2005
Tagline: The eighth wonder of the world.