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News Article

DC Collectibles Molds Clayface Figure from ‘Arkham City’


You know a game’s got legs when, years after its release, tie-in products are still a cause for excitement.  Case in point: DC Collectibles, the action-figure wing of DC Entertainment, has released the first image of Clayface from its ever-expanding Arkham City line…and it’s glorious.

Clayface was the surprise end boss from Arkham City (we’re outside of the spoiler statute of limitations, people), and his plastic puss is a thing to behold.  When compared to the 7-inch figures of the rest of the AC line, his 13-inch frame is pretty damn formidable, especially when shown to scale next to Batman.

No release date or price has been set by DC Collectibles, but it’s certain to look snazzy on many a bachelor’s bookshelf…or if you have an understanding partner or spouse.  Can I get one, honey?  Please?

[Source: Joystiq]