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Dead Heads: The Bloodiest Candy You'll Ever Love


Halloween was three weeks ago, but I'm still feeling its goodness... Last week, while flying overseas, I had a brief layover at London's Heathrow Airport. While killing some time looking for distinctly British snacks in a convenience store, I stumbled upon some leftover (and thus heavily discounted) Halloween candy I'd never seen before, candy that had me humming Jack Skellington's "What This?" to myself -- -- Cadbury Dead Heads. And just what are these macabre little treats? Find out after the jump.

Cadbury Dead Heads are essentially just what they sound like: little candy (specifically milk chocolate) heads (technically egg-shaped), each with the imprint of a different monster or ghoul on it. They come in 80-gram bags of nine heads.

What makes Dead Heads unique is that every piece of candy is filled with red-dyed caramel that gives you the satisfying sensation of eating an undead creature's brain when you bite into it.

You can stage your own massacre, reenact your favorite scene from Scanners, or just hand them out to trick-'r-treaters -- provided you're lucky enough to live in the UK. We Americans will have to wait until they reach our shores before we can take part in the fun en masse. I only hope we don't have to suffer a knock-off from inferior chocolate companies like Frankford or Palmer. Having eaten a few of them, I can testify that Cadbury Dead Heads are as delicious as the company's other chocolates. Accept no substitutes!