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News Article

Dead Space Devs Talk Animation, Your Horrible Death(s)


The dev team behind EA’s upcoming horror shooter Dead Space have released yet another of their remarkably entertaining developer diaries, this one focusing on the challenge of animating Isaac Clarke and his Necromorph foes.  They also discuss the multitude of deaths that Isaac can suffer at the hands/claws/mandibles/whatever of the Necromorphs.

It seems that EA is certainly trying to turn over a new leaf here, and completely going for broke on this new property.  Between hiring Ben “30 Days of Night” Templesmith to draw a prequel, the animated movie coming out around Halloween, and the legendary media blitz they’ve got  surrounding this title, it looks like the house that Trip Hawkins built is realizing once again that new and exciting properties are the keys to the consumers’ hearts (and wallets).  Now all they need to do is greenlight a sequel to Clive Barker’s Undying and all will be right in the world.

Check it out at No Known Survivors!