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News Article

'Dead Space: Extraction' Screens Released!

For those of you worried about the Wii being able to handle all the gooey environments and pants-crapping frights of the Dead Space franchise, EA has somewhat alleviated those concerns with a fresh batch of screenshots and concept art from their upcoming Wii prequel Dead Space: Extraction.

There seems to be a few new monster designs (check out the neato skull-bat-glider above) and a few new weapons, as well as some old favorites in the mix…the targeting reticule in some of those shots hints at the plasma cutter.

You can check out the whole gallery over at Nintendo D Pad, and get a little more info (and some sweet wallpaper) over at the Dead Space: Extraction official site.

Dead Space: Extraction will be out in the Fall of 2009 exclusively on the Wii.