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News Article

Dead Space Has Gone Gold!


According to a press release by EA their much-hyped title Dead Space has gone Gold and has been shipped for pressing just in time for its October 14th release date.  As an added bonus for early purchasers (like any of you reading this are gonna be sitting on your hands for this one), anyone who buys and plays the game within two weeks of release will be able to download a snazzy new console-specific outfit tailored for their platform of choice: PS3 players will get the black-and-blue Obsidian suit, whereas Xbox 360 fans will done the white-and-green Elite suit.  PC players, as usual, will don the Diddlysquat suit, an invisible outfit that represents the uniform of an ignored market demographic.

I’m kidding on that last one, if only a little.

Check out the full press release at Business Wire.

Hit the jump for full pics of the exclusive suits!