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News Article

'Dead Space' for Wii


You know one of those things you know is coming, but it just seems too far out there to ever come to fruition?  EA has dropped one of those right in our confused little laps with the announcement of Dead Space: Extraction for Nintendo’s kid-friendly Wii.

Set prior to the events of the first game, the game will follow a handful of space colonists on the Aegis VII mining colony, including a “new heroine,” as they face off against the gooey monsters we know and love.  Of course, being a prequel, we all know how well their struggle for survival turns out. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Strangely, the game is abandoning the prior game’s RE4-style perspective for first-person, although whether this will be a full-blown FPS or an on-rails shooter remains to be seen.  EA has released a trailer, which looks quite good for a Wii game, with all the jump-scares and Thing-inspired beasties that made the first game such a treat. 

I don’t know about you, but this recent deluge of M-rated content for the Wii is a pleasant surprise.  After RE4, it’s been pretty dry for Nintendo’s blockbuster console.  But with recent titles like House of the Dead: Overkill and up-and-comers like MadWorld, it seems like game companies are finally realizing that the grown-ups want to play something a little nastier.