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Dean Koontz's 'Frankenstein' Coming to Television


Horror novelist Dean Koontz's series of Frankenstein novels have been optioned by TNT and is being developed into a television series.

Koontz's modern day take on the Frankenstein tale is set in New Orleans, 200 years after Victor and his creation have an epic Arctic battle. Both survived (Victor through science and the creature because, well, he's not actually alive) and both end up in present day New Orleans - unbeknownst to one another. When their paths cross, the old rivalries are reignited and "New Orleans is caught in the middle." The Frankenstein series, consisting of five novels, was originally turned into a TV movie / backdoor pilot for USA, but nothing ever came of it.

James V. Hart, who wrote Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula and produced Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein, will adapt the script along with his son, as well as serve as producer with Koontz.

Source: Deadline