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Death Valley High Meet Their Match in 'Multiply'


This spring, we came across a groovy new dark-rock combo who call themselves Death Valley High, and their latest CD Doom, In Full Bloom was one of the year's spookiest new musical surprises, smashing apart the barriers of horror-punk, modern metal and hooky pop-rock. (Check out our review here.) Now the band has released a grim, violent new video for their latest single "Multiply" and you can catch that clip on the flip. Check it out!

One of the album's strongest, most ominous tracks, "Multiply" has a gritty, blackened edge that really sells the album's apocalyptic theme – which frontman Reyka Osburn describes as "a school that's overturned by all the dark, freak kids." The new video ties in to that same theme, with the band members being systematically stalked and killed by their own deadly doppelgangers during a chaotic performance.

Viddy the clip right here!