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News Article

Death Waltz Records Revives the Art of Vinyl

London-based Death Waltz Records, founded by Spencer Hickman, is a new company that is focused on re-releasing high-end, remastered horror scores - on vinyl. Starting in May, the company will stagger their releases between limited-edition collector sets available online, and traditional special editions available at music stores (I didn't realize they had any of those left). The special editions are limited to 300 signed and numbered copies that will include extensive liner notes, a numbered print, and an exclusive poster, pressed on colored vinyl; the standard versions come on black vinyl and include a poster. Check out the release schedule after the jump.

In May, look for soundtracks from Zombi 2 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters) and Escape from New York. June brings The House of the Devil; July's release is Let the Right One In; and October brings Donnie Darko.

To purchase, you will want to head to Death Waltz Records.

Source: Ain't It Cool News and The Quietus