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News Article

Dee Snider Says 'Howdy' to 'Strangeland' Sequel!


This just in from music mag NME's official site

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has finally written the sequel to his demented 1998 film debut Strangeland, which is set to go into production later this year. Snider will also be reprising the role of ritualistic serial killer “Captain Howdy.” The sequel, currently entitled Strangeland: Disciple, continues the bloody exploits of the fetishistic wackjob who uses the internet to lure his young victims into his lair to become unwilling participants in S&M rituals.

Promising the sequel to be “ultra-intense,” Snider says the movie is rolling out with an almost certain NC-17 rating. The original film raised some controversy over its sexualized torture themes – long before the Saw and Hostel films were even a greasy glimmer in their makers' eyes – but Snider plans on delving even further into the S&M aspects of his killer's MO, setting the new tale in the “underworld of body modification fetishists, amid the secret sadomasochistic freak societies of perverted pleasures that lurk just underneath the veneer of respectable society.”

Due to the placement of bands like System of a Down, Slipknot, Kid Rock, Twisted Sister (of course), Megadeth, Marilyn Manson and Pantera, the original Strangeland was accompanied by a promotional tour, and Snider has indicated he would like to do the same for the sequel. Word should come out soon which bands will be participating in the new film... we'll keep you posted.