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Dee Snider Talks 'Strangeland' Sequel


Blabbermouth recently posted excerpts from an interview with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider – conducted by Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon – in which he revealed, among other things, a few more details about his upcoming horror sequel Strangeland: Disciple, which goes before the cameras very soon. I went back to the source at Iconvsicon and compiled the coolest bits below the fold. So come on in and get some!

In the lengthy interview, Snider discussed the upcoming sequel to his 1998 horror movie debut Strangeland, which continues the horrific exploits of extreme body-modifier Captain Howdy – played again by Snider himself – and revealed some other interesting info about the Howdy saga. Describing the new script as “powerfully disturbing,” Snider confirmed that the cameras will begin rolling in Ohio this fall, and Robert Englund will indeed be returning (as we previously reported) as Captain Howdy’s nemesis Jackson Roth.

While a director has yet to be chosen, Snider told Price he’s open to either established genre talent or up-and-coming visionaries. “We have a long list of people that we're interested in,” he explained. “The good news is that I got really hamstrung with the last director, but there is a lot of young talent out there, so even if we don't get some big names that we have on the list with the obvious answers there, you can start to move down to the B-names and there is still great talent.”

He also talked about the involvement of his son Jesse – a talented comic book writer who has worked with both Marvel and DC Comics – in crafting the Strangeland comic prequel, Seven Sins. “I saw an opportunity for [Jesse] to express his creativity,” Snider said. “He vetted everything with me but very much wrote it himself… He obviously created some of the back story that I didn't know about [but] I still wanted to make sure that I had done an analysis of the characters to make sure that it didn't conflict because I didn't want anything to come back and bite me in the ass when we go to do Strangeland: Disciple, finally.”

Snider also talked about this month’s 25th Anniversary re-release of Twisted Sister’s smash album Stay Hungry, which will include a wealth of previously unreleased material – including demos for fifteen tracks that didn’t make the original cut – and the new track “30,” the band’s first new song in over a decade.

Check out the entire interview at Iconvsicon and be sure to check out the original Strangeland, now available on FEARnet On Demand.