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Deliciously Terrifying Spider Cakes


We are always on the lookout for nasty nibblies here at FEARNET. The latest creepy confection to come across our radar is from Not Martha. The site has a history of providing brilliantly dark delicacies and these spider cakes are no exception.  They are sure to serve as the perfect snack for a Halloween party or any occasion that calls for a touch of the macabre.

The actual body of the spider is easy enough to make, however, Not Martha provides instructions for attaching the spider legs to store bought cupcakes if you are pressed for time. Regardless of whether you make your own spider body or purchase at a bakery, the end result is totally awesome and surely worth your while.

If you do opt to make your own cakes, the recipe includes a filling that serves as spider guts, so these spider cakes are sure to equally delight and disgust your guests. The legs are made of the Japanese snack Pocky, so the entire concoction is 100% edible.