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News Article

'Dementium II' Screenshots Reaffirm my Dislike of Hospitals

In promotion of their upcoming DS FPS sequel Dementium II, the Renegade Kid crew posted ten screenshots of the blood-soaked hospital corridors and the stapled flesh of their inhabitants.  Lovely!  More after the break!

Set after its predecessor Dementium: The Ward, the sequel finds your character out of the frying pan and into the fire.  No longer trapped in the Hell of his own mind, he now faces new terror in the real world, as well as a second horrific dimension. 

Although the screenshots are fairly low-res (the curse of trying to capture an accurate representation of a DS screen), it’s plain to see that graphical improvements have been made over D: tW, with the game’s Clive Barker meets Silent Hill aesthetic being brought back to the table.  From the yawning maws of the games zombies to the stapled skin of the more demonic entities, there’s an eerie familiarity to the game that should please fans of the original.

You can check out the full gallery of screenshots on Renegade Kid’s website.
Dementium II is due Q1 2010 for the Nintendo DS.