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Demonic Horse Cake is Both Frightening and Delicious


Devil horse cake

We previously mentioned London's 'Feed the Beast' event here on FEARnet last month, an event which took place this past weekend and showcased edible grotesqueries including cupcakes with faux maggots inside of them and severed feet that were good enough to eat.  Sponsored by Kraken Rum, the annual pop-up cake shop even featured a cake that was made to look like the corpse of a mythical Kraken, which guests were invited to feast on.

devil horse

One of the other major highlights of the event was a massive devil horse cake, which was created by cake-making duo The Tattooed Bakers.  Dubbed 'Havoc the Horse,' the red velvet cake took over 200 hours to complete and was served to guests on opening night of 'Feed the Beast.'  As if the cake itself wasn't impressive enough, ole Havoc had Kraken Rum literally dripping from his nostrils, highly alcoholic nose-juice that could be collected in glasses for a tasty refreshment.

devil horse cake

You can see more disturbing and delicious photos from this year's 'Feed the Beast' celebration over on the event's official website!