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News Article

'Demons' Invade BBC America


Our friends at BBC America just let us know that, on January 2, 2010, they'll be bringing a new kind of vampire show to the small screen.  Demons is a return to classic, monstrous vampires (as opposed to the current trend of romantic vamps).  Christian Cooke (Doctor Who) plays Luke, a teenager whose life is interrupted by the arrival of an old family friend, Rupert (played by Philip Glenister, Life on Mars).  Rupert reveals that Luke is the great-great grandson of vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing and must carry on the "family business."

Sound familiar?  Well, it worked for Joss Whedon.  And like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Demons isn't just about vampires.  Luke will come hand-to-claw with werewolves, wererats, psychics, and a "demon in angels clothing."  Luke's Scooby gang includes a sinister priest and a blind concert pianist named – yup - Mina Harker.