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Designer Conceptualizes Ouija Board-Inspired Home Decor


Ouija Board

If I'm being honest, Ouija Boards have always kind of creeped me out.  It's not even that I believe they truly have the ability to channel the spirits of the dead, but there's just something about the whole thing that unsettles me.  It's all fun and games when you're playing around with one of them with some friends, but I admit that every single time I've messed with the board I own, I end up having a sleepless night.  In fact, it was after my most recent experience that I decided to banish the board to the basement, and I don't plan on bringing it back up anytime soon.  Whether Ouija Boards work or not, I guess that means that they do hold some sort of power - even if it's only the power to make a 27-year-old horror fan worry that he's just unleashed Hell upon his house!

That said, I do absolutely love the imagery of the Ouija Board, and I've always thought that the design of the board would make for the coolest rug of all time.  I even at one point thought of making one myself, though that dream of course ended the second I realized I can barely even make a microwave dinner.  Thankfully, an artist with some real talent had the same idea that I recently had, and he conceptualized a whole line of Ouija-inspired home decor that's to die for.

David Delisle posted the above image on his website Dave's Geeky Ideas yesterday, showing off his vision for a rug, couch and even coffee table that evoke the spirit of the infamous spirit evoker.  "The wooden coffee table features a glass fixture and wheels," Delisle explains.  "The carpet would ideally be as big as possible to help sell the illusion of an oversize game board."

Would you buy these home accessories, if they someday ended up becoming reality?  Let us know by commenting below!