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News Article

DETHALBUM II: Heavier, Uglier, More Epic-er

Animated metal maniacs Dethklok of the Adult Swim horror-comedy hit Metalocalypse are following up their smash debut CD The Dethalbum with the shockingly-titled Dethalbum II. It's now officially slated for release on September 8th, and the band's beefy semi-fictional frontman Nathan Explosion (along with his three-dimensional representative, Brendon Small) made one of his classically incomprehensible entries on the official Dethklok blog to announce the blessed event to their fans. As always, we tried our best to edit (or translate) Nathan's comments, so hit the jump and prepare to be enlightened... well, maybe.

“It's finished,” Nathan declares of the album in the latest journal entry, presumably texting once again from his brutal “dethphone,” before inviting the fans to “Go die. Wait… do not go die. Not just yet. Experience this fall first. And then go die.”

Part of that pre-death experience this fall includes tons of major events for the Dethklok brand, including a new season of half-hour Metalocalypse episodes, Konami's upcoming Dethgame for Xbox 360, the new comic book Dethklok vs. The Goon, and the new “Dethtour” featuring the “virtual band,” comprised of Brendon Small himself along with a group of esteemed musicians – again including legendary drummer Gene Hoglan – standing in for their cartoon counterparts (the full lineup for this round will be announced soon).

Small promises that the new CD will be “Faster… heavier... uglier… more melodic and more epic-er than the first,” and declares Hoglan’s contribution to be “jaw-dropping.” If you know this band at all, that means actual jawbones will be hitting floors, probably after being violently detached from skulls.