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Detroit's Former Mortuary Science Building Seeks New Tenants


Wayne State Mortuary

Not interested in buying a highly haunted house in Florida or a slightly haunted one in Pennsylvania? Well then how about a cozy loft in an old mortuary science building, where students learned how to prepare bodies for funerals? Is that a bit more up your alley? Then read on!

As we spotted over on Curbed, lofts inside of Detroit college Wayne State's former Mortuary Science building hit the market last week, and residence inside of the creepy building isn't exactly cheap. Though most disturbing locations like these can be purchased for reduced rates, given their macabre history, these lofts are selling for a whopping $385,000 each.

Wayne State Mortuary Science

The interior of each loft spans 2,400 square feet, and includes three levels, three bedrooms, four bathrooms... and potentially comes with several ghostly roomates.

Not only did the building formerly house the Mortuary Science program, but it was also named after the original tenant; the Springfield Metallic Casket Company. Yea. Don't even try and tell me that this place isn't haunted!