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News Article

'The Devil Inside' Website is Possessed

The next in a long line of found footage flicks is The Devil Inside, an exorcism flick directed by William Brent Bell (Stay Alive).  A young woman, Isabella, travels to Italy to visit her institutionalized mother. In 1989, the mother killed three people during an exorcism, and using a blend of religion and science, Isabella is on the search for answers. Was her mother really possessed, or mentally ill? And if it was a mental illness, will Isabella succumb? The trailer offers some genuinely startling scenes... and a little dark surprise if you know where to look. Look after the break for more.

Check out the trailer on the official website, and stick around for a few seconds after. You'll get a spooky bonus that you won't see on the theatrical trailer.

The Devil Inside is due in theaters January 2012.