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News Article

The Devil Wears Prada Unleash the Undead Again!


One of the coolest horror concept records to drop last year was the Zombie EP from metalcore superstars The Devil Wears Prada. (Check out our review here.) Now, just in time for Halloween, the band has officially launched Zombie Slay, a new first-person mobile game application based on the mini-album's apocalyptic walking-dead themes, and featuring a soundtrack by the band. Hit the jump for all the details, including a gruesomely excellent peek at the monstrous main characters...

Zombie Slay pits players against some cool-looking zombie hordes, which they must blast to a pulp while trying to save their fellow survivors in a devastated urban & suburban landscape. The more zombies killed, the more hidden features are unlocked. The game also incorporates social media integration and the OpenFeint interface, which enables players to compete against each other anywhere in the world. The game soundtrack contains all five songs from the band's excellent Zombie EP: "Escape," "Anatomy," "Outnumbered," "Revive" and "Survivor."

Zombie Slay is supported on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (sorry, 'droid owners, they don't serve your kind here... not yet, anyway). You can pick it up for $1.99 at this link, where updates to the app will also be available in the future. You can preview the game play in this clip hosted by the band: