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'Dexter' Looking For Some New Blood


dexterDexter only just wrapped its seventh season a few weeks ago, but producers are already plotting away on season eight. Casting breakdowns are already circulating, and the show has two big recurring roles to fill.

First up is Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a "formidable and whip-smart neuro-psychiatrist in her late 50s who assists the law in profiling criminals." Think she is going to see something in Dexter? Next is Jacob Elroy, a "handsome and straightforward former cop who now owns his own private eye business." This sounds like a potential new love interest for Deb. She has a history of romantic catastrophies, so a "handsome former cop" who will likely be looking into LaGuerta's murder sounds right up her alley. 

Dexter returns to Showtime for its eighth (and maybe final?) season later this year.

Source: TV Line