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Dexter Wrap-Up Podcast Welcomes Michael C. Hall


You may or may not know this, but Dexter writer and producer Scott Reynolds hosts a weekly "Dexter Wrap-Up" podcast for Showtime, during which he answers fans' questions and interviews everyone from director Romeo Tirone to star Jennifer Carpenter to guest star Ray Stevenson. Following last night's penultimate episode of Dexter, Reynolds sits down for a rare interview with star Michael C. Hall.

"It's the longest interview with him that he's ever had," Reynolds told me of the hour-long interview. "We go deep into Dexter. He really explains a lot about Dexter Morgan and his relationships. It's great. I think people are really going  love it, because [Michael] doesn't talk about stuff a lot. He's a very private guy - and rightly so. But he opened up a lot. It's pretty exciting."