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News Article

Discover the Fate of Roland Childs in 'Rise of Nightmares' Comic


One of the more interesting aspects of SEGA's recent Rise of Nightmares were the scattered tapes of one Roland Childs, a private investigator whose footsteps you were tracing in the hunt for your wife and her mad scientist captor.  Unfortunately, even if you collected all of the tapes, you never really knew what happened to the absentee Childs.  SEGA has decided to fix that oversight by releasing a comic called "Rise of Nightmares: The Lost Tapes of Roland Childs."  More details after the break.

The comic, written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Marc Olivent, chronicles the man behind the cassettes that you find scattered around Romania in Rise of Nightmares.  Despite some choppiness to the narrative, there are some nice EC-flavored moments and one hell of a plot twist at the end.

You can view the comic as either a PDF or a Flickr stream over at SEGA's blog.