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This Disgusting 'Flesh Tent' Will Keep You Warm While Camping... and Make You Sick


flesh tent

A few months back we introduced you to the revolting sculptures of artist Francesco Albano, who depicts human flesh as clothing and furniture. That seems like the perfect segue into this particularly vomit-inducing piece we're here to show off today, which turns an ordinary camping tent into something out of David Cronenberg's worst nightmares.

The term 'body horror' pretty much perfectly sums up this new sculpture from Swiss artist Andrea Hasler, which we spotted over on the website Lost at E Minor. Currently on display at Corn Exchange Newbury & New Greenham Arts in Berkshire, England, the fleshy intestine-filled tent was created to explore the "consequences of a nuclear explosion, while retaining the notion of container, nurturing the concerns of the peace camps."

Yea. We're not sure what that really means either, but that's kind of the beauty of art, isn't it? It can have deep meaning or just be really cool to look at, depending on which you prefer, and when it comes to this piece, we're going with the latter!

Andra Hasler

The same artist also created these strange meat creatures, as part of the same exhibit, and you can see the processes that result in her horrifying creations by visiting Andrea Hasler's official website!