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Dismember Conquers All with New DVD

Tomorrow, legendary Swedish death metal team Dismember – who have been keeping it real for over two decades now – will roll out their new double-DVD set Under Blood Red Skies, which combines footage from two different 2008 concerts as well as an entire disc's worth of documentary material from the road, the studio, onstage, backstage and other secret locations over the past five years. The DVDs mark a significant milestone in Dismember's turbulent but colorful history, and the band has plenty to say about that... so read on, and know the wisdom of the damned!

Under Blood Red Skies represents Dismember's most current lineup performing at last year's Party.San Open Air Festival in Bad Berka, Germany, combined with portions of another concert in Holland and footage recorded by the band on nearly every gig since 2004. Tracks include classic cuts like “Death Conquers All,” “Bleed For Me,” “Dark Depths” and the tender love song “Skin Her Alive.” Highlights from the festival include the band's first-ever performance of their debut album Like an Ever Flowing Stream in its entirety, accompanied by an awesome display of pyrotechnics.

“We have had tons of material to choose from,” the band reports on their official blog. “To break that down to make it fit in a DVD format, with interviews with all the band members, has been a tough one indeed. But the final outcome will surely be worth all the effort and time we put down in this project. It will be a very honest look into the life of being in Dismember, and it will include a lot of scenes that will make people laugh... There will be some cool backstage footage and live material from the Masters Of Death tour we did with our good friends Entombed, Grave and Unleashed, plus tons of other interesting stuff from all around the world.”

The band is also proud of the fact that the DVD will present their music exactly as the fans heard it the first time, with “no overdubs whatsoever... nothing was re-recorded in a studio, so there might be a few fuck-ups here and there... but hey, its a live gig, isn't it!”