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Disturbed's 'Lost Children' Come Home

The Lost Children – the first collection of b-sides, non-album singles and previously unreleased titles from dark-rock superstars Disturbed – made its debut this week, and while the band's fans are a little disturbed themselves lately over the band's current hiatus from recording and performing together, this release should at least be a moment of grace while the band members debate how to proceed. Hit the jump for more details about the release, including a look at the nightmarish cover art and a description of the contents from the band's guitarist Dan Donegan...

Among the tracks compiled on Lost Children, which hit stores on Tuesday, is the previously unreleased "Mine," a benefit song for the West Memphis Three, covers of Judas Priest and Faith No More, and cuts that had only been available as part of movie soundtracks, bonus material going back to the band's 2000 smash The Sickness, and international editions of Disturbed albums including the Japanese version of Indestructible. Here's the complete tracklist:

"A Welcome Burden"
"This Moment"
"Old Friend"
"Leave It Alone"
"Two Worlds"
"God of the Mind"
"Midlife Crisis" (cover)
"Living After Midnight" (cover)

In a report on, guitarist Dan Donegan explained (during an interview on The Pulse of Radio) the meaning of the album's title: "People always ask what's our favorite song on the albums or whatever," he said, "and we've always referred to them as our children, because we can't pick a favorite... they're all so personal to us. So it's always been a difficult thing for us to even decide what stays off the album. In our minds it was never because we felt that these are the weakest songs, that's why they stay off... a lot of them, if not all of them, were strong enough to stand on their own and we kept them off to think that maybe we can use them in another area."

Check out a trailer for The Lost Children below: