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News Article

Do Wii Need Another 'Silent Hill'?

OK, am I the only person a little weirded out that a whole slew of survival horror titles are coming out for Nintendo’s 'family/elderly friendly' little white box?  On top of the three RE titles Capcom announced a few weeks back, there’s also Cursed Mountain, the oft-delayed Sadness, and Suda51’s entry in the Fatal Frame series. Well, no we can add Silent Hill: Shattered Memories to that ever-growing list. 

The team over at GoNintendo managed to score some snapshots of the latest issue of Nintendo Power, which detail the upcoming Wii title.  However, this is not a new entry, but a “reimagining” of the first Silent Hill, according to producer Tomm Hulett.  “It’s not a remake or a port. That’s an important distinction. It really feels like a new game.”

So while you still play Harry Mason hunting down his missing daughter, the story itself will play out differently than before.  “The characters play different roles, things don’t necessarily happen in the same order, and the story is taken in lots of new directions,” says Hulett. “…You’ll see familiar elements, but they’re all twisted to betray your expectations.”

You can find out more by checking out GoNintendo’s original article, and we’ll keep you posted on updates right here at FEARnet!