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News Article

Documentary Filmmakers Looking to Unearth ‘ET’ Video Game


Atari’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial video game is one of the most infamous games of all time, being viewed by many as one of the major reasons for the crash of the industry in the mid 80’s.  Its failure became an urban legend, with countless unsold copies of the game allegedly entombed beneath concrete in New Mexico.

Unable to leave well enough alone, a documentary film crew has been given permission by the city of Alamogordo to dig up the site, which contains millions of unsold cartridges (sad fact of the day: Atari thought that E.T. was going to be such a hit, they actually printed more copies of the game than the number of Atari 2600s they had sold) as well as other unsold stock of hardware and software.

Fuel Industries, the multimedia firm behind the excavation, certainly have an interesting situation on their hands.  There are conflicting stories about the quantities or even existence of the unsold stock, and even if there is a treasure trove of merchandise, tons of concrete and New Mexico heat would have certainly all but destroyed the goods over the 30 years that they have been interred.  I suppose that this urban legend can finally be laid to rest when they release their as-of-yet untitled film.

[Source: Ars Technica]