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Documentary 'Staircases to Nowhere' is a Must-Watch for Fans of The Shining; Watch Now!


The Shining

There's not a single horror movie with a more fascinating behind the scenes story than The Shining, a topic that was briefly covered in The Making of the Shining, a 35-minute documentary - made by Stanley Kubrick's daughter Vivian - that is included on the DVD release of the film. The recently released Room 237 also dug deep into the film, but that was more about whacky super-fan theories, than anything else.

Courtesy of, a new documentary called Staircases to Nowhere has just come to our attention, which is perhaps the most fascinating Shining documentary we've yet seen. The only modern documentary about the film to be endorsed by both Warner Bros. and the Kubrick estate, Staircases to Nowhere is a 55-minute glimpse inside the inner workings of the Shining set, as told by nine people who actually worked on the film, including the producer, the 1st assistant director, a camera operator and even the late director's widow, Christiane Kubrick.

Recorded over a period of three years, the interviews reveal never-before-told stories about the making of the masterpiece, and shed a whole lot of light on Stanley Kubrick's meticulous process. If you're a lover of film, and a fan of this film in particular, Staircases to Nowhere is an absolute must-watch, and we highly encourage you to check it out below.