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News Article

Does This Family Video Capture a Canadian Sasquatch?



2014 has already turned out to be a very interesting year for our good pal Bigfoot. First, hunter and Sasquatch enthusiast Rick Dyer claimed to have bagged himself a Bigfoot, which he's currently showing off and even taking on tour across America. Now, over in Canada, a family believes that they caught themselves a Bigfoot of their own, though it's only video footage they've got to show, rather than a carcass.

The video, which was posted over on Ghost Theory last week, shows the family going out for a walk in the snowy woods of Calgary, when they suddenly spot something very strange across the river from where they're standing. "That's not human," the young daughters keep repeating, and the video indeed does appear to show some sort of creature that certainly doesn't look like any human being I've ever come across.

Check out the video of the alleged sighting below, and then leave a comment and let us know if you think this is legit, or just another hoax!