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News Article

Does This Terrifying Photo Show a Real-Life Demon?


demon photo

Though it may look like a screen grab from the next James Wan film, the image you see above was actually plucked from a nurse's viewing monitor, at an undisclosed hospital. The photograph shows what appears to be an inhuman figure standing directly on top of a patient's hospital bed, and what's most frightening about it is that the patient allegedly passed away mere hours after the photo was taken.

As we spotted over on Before It's News, absolutely no information exists about the image other than that, which has naturally led many to believe that it's merely a hoax. Whether it's the work of a clever Photoshopper or the real deal, there's no denying that the image is absolutely bone chilling, and the very idea of a demon coming to collect your soul, while you're sleeping, is certainly one that sends shivers up the spine.

Check out video footage of the image below, which is really just the image with creepy music played over top of it, to optimize the fright factor!

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