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News Article

Dolls, Masks and Mysteries from My Friend Skeleton

Spooky German band My Friend Skeleton, a creative but eccentric crew who typically conceal their identities behind elaborate (and slightly disturbing) dark-carnival costumes and masks, are preparing quite a bizarre menagerie of attractions to accompany their upcoming multi-part single “Funeral of a Broken Doll.” Click on through to find out what this cryptic quintet has planned – and maybe learn what the hell’s the deal with those masks!

My Friend Skeleton have revealed very little about their true identities, but the five-piece outfit have been gathering quite a cult following lately, no doubt due partly to their very creative web presence, which includes elaborate mazes, puzzles and hidden content, all designed to create an immersive multimedia experience encasing their creepy, atmospheric music – which itself sounds like the score to an epic fantasy-horror film.

“Funeral of a Broken Doll” is the group’s latest EP, which they describe as “a dark and morbid love story” told from two different points of view. The song is “re-told” from a kind of “he said, she said” perspective: “Her Version” is more lyrical and melodic, “His Version” is an electro-rock interpretation, and the third version is an instrumental rendition. The three songs also link together to create a 10-minute epic, around which the band has created a creepy short film.

The band will release “Funeral” this Saturday May 23rd through their official site, in all three editions, as a physical CD or high-quality MP3 downloads. The physical single is available in a standard edition, or as a CD/DVD combo containing the short film and other extras, including visual art and exclusive web content. The band has also announced a very limited run (only 20 units) in custom-designed, one-of-a-kind “Skeleton Boxes.”