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Don't Keep 'The Muppet Wicker Man' Waiting!

Remember that whole "Bert is Evil" viral craze from a few years back, when folks would Photoshop pictures of the cranky Sesame Street character into a bunch of very wrong images? Well prepare yourself for a whole new level of wrongness. Someone, apparently dissatisfied with Jason Segel's recent attempt to update the Muppets for the 21st century, has decided the Jim Henson-created critters would be better employed in a horror movie. But not just any horror movie -- that paen to pagansim and Britt Ekland's derriere double, The Wicker Man. Yes, prepare yourself for The Muppet Wicker Man.

In the gallery of images that make up The Muppet Wicker Man, you'll see Kermit the Frog tackle the role of the straightlaced, virginal police sergeant Howie (made famous by the late Edward Woodward), and, appropriately, Miss Piggy as Willow, the island girl (originally played by Ekland) who tempts Howie with her nubile pagan flesh. Yeah, I can't believe I just typed that sentence either... Anyway, this needs to be fast-tracked as the next Muppet feature film. C'mon, Disney, you can do it!

For more Wickery Fun, check out our new interview with Robin Hardy, director of the original Wicker Man and writer-director of the just released sequel The Wicker Tree.