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News Article

'Doom' Resurrected on the iPhone

All right iPhone users, looks like the rail-shooter bus has come in yet again!  Following on the heels of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, id Software has thrown their hat into the rapidly-saturating market with Doom Resurrection, a 'Doom 3' flavored return to the sands of Mars.  Video after the break!

According to Venture Beat, Doom was developed in conjunction with Escalation Studios, the game is but one of many id titles making their way to the Apple platform, including Doom Classic (a port of the original 1993 game), and an enhanced version of the mobile-phone exclusive Wolfenstein RPG.  'I love the iPhone', gushed id’s programming god John Carmack.  'It’s a real game platform, not a tiny little toy.'

Doom Resurrection will be available next week in the App Store for an undisclosed price.