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Dope Goes Wylde...with NO REGRETS!

Industrial-metal outfit Dope have teamed up with guitar legend Zakk Wylde for their fifth album 'No Regrets', slated for release on March 10. Since their formation ten years ago, Dope’s tunes have turned up in movies like Scream 3 and American Psycho, and their music is also well-known to wrestling fans thanks to regular use of the song 'Debonaire' in both ECW and WWE events. No Regrets follows the success of their chart-topping 2005 release 'American Apathy', which frontman Edsel Dope considered “sort of [a] re-introduction and redefinition” of their signature sound. Check out the video for their song 'Addiction' after the jump!

Edsel recently revealed some details about the new CD in an interview with, where he explained how the new album delivers on the promise of Apathy. “We’ve gone a lot of different places in the previous four records to this one,” he says, “and I think that through the course of doing that we really sort of found what we think Dope does best.”

Part of Edsel’s excitement about the new album comes from the participation of guitar legend Zakk Wylde, who contributes his mighty axe to 'Addiction,' the album’s latest single. “Zakk has been kind of popping up through our lives the last several years,” Edsel recounts. “He just kind of took to our band.”

Dope is also heading out on tour with Wylde’s own group Black Label Society, joining forces with fellow metal heavyweights Sevendust. “I’m tremendously excited about these shows,” Edsel says. “I’m gonna play every night, clean up, come out and watch Sevendust, get my drunk on and by the time my drunk is kicking, then the guitar god himself is gonna come out and rock the house every night. Sounds pretty f**kin’ good to me!”

Sounds good to me too, check out the video for 'Addiction' below!