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News Article

Dope Stars Inc. Prepare to Unleash Full-Length Album!


Hot on the heels of their new EP Criminal Intents/Morning Star – which we reviewed recently on these pages – Italian future-gothic rockers Dope Stars Inc. recently announced that their full-length studio album 21st Century Slave is just around the corner, and is scheduled for North American release this summer. Find out what the band has to say about the new project after the jump!

Described by the band as “A new manifesto for Digital Warriors, Outlaw Technologists and Console Riders of the 21st Century,” the concept album is the band’s most ambitious project to date, resulting in the culmination of their sci-fi themes on a dystopian future, inspired equally by Blade Runner, the cyberpunk writings of William Gibson… and more than a little of the real world. The songs weave the dark tale of a not-so-distant future in which “sheeple” are brainwashed by high-tech propaganda from ruthless corporate overlords – challenged only by an underground network of cyber-rebels determined to overthrow the computer-ruled “Megacorps” dictatorship by using technology against itself.

The 11-track album includes the previously-released hit “Criminal Intents,” as well as cuts like “Omegadrones,” “Digital Warriors,” “Neuromantics” and “The World Machine.” The first edition of 21st Century Slave is being released as a limited edition 6-panel digipak with a booklet of companion art further illustrating the album’s concept, and is scheduled to hit North American shores on July 21, just one week after its debut in Europe and Japan.