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News Article

Dracula's Other Ball!

Funny, you wouldn't think time passed so quickly for those of us who shun the daylight, but wouldn't ya know it – the promoters of the Goth mecca known as Dracula's ball had barely finished mopping up the blood from their New Year's Eve extravaganza before announcing the next wave of vampish musical debauchery. Hosted once again by their “haunt of choice,” the Shampoo Nightclub in Philadelphia, this outing marks the first live US appearance of German Gothic rock group Unheilig (“Unholy”), supported by their American label-mates The Azoic.

Unheilig, led by smooth-headed frontman Der Graf (“The Count”), have reigned Europe for over a decade as club and festival favorites, but this is their first-ever stateside performance, and their dramatic, theatrical live show is certain to keep US rivet-heads riveted. The Azoic – who hail from Columbus, Ohio, but are a huge hit in Europe – reveal the romantic side to their dark electronic dance grooves through the angelic vocals of Kristy Venrick. Supporting the bands will be club spinmeisters DJ Draven and DJ Mama C, with more to be announced.

Check out the official Dracula's Ball website for directions and ticket info.