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News Article

Drafthouse Films Unleashes Exploitation Trailers Feature 'Trailer War'


Boobs, blood, crossbows, kung fu, electrocution, and flying lizard men -- all of these things make up the “walking, crawling nightmares from the pits of hell” and they’re coming to you thanks to Drafthouse films and the American Genre Film Archive’s Trailer War. The nerds of Alamo Drafthouse may have out-nerded themselves this time.

This feature-length film compiles carefully curated rare and often never-before-available trailers filled with exploitation goodness. The American Genre Film Archives collection is the masterwork of Alamo Drafthouse Founder/CEO Tim League and is home to than 3,500 rare 35mm film prints and trailers. Legends surrounding the collections include smuggling prints from Johannesburg to Austin.

Trailer War also includes an interview with Trailers from Hell creator Joe Dante about his early days working for Roger Corman. A theatrical tour presented in 35mm is planned for December 2012 and pre-order is available now for DVD/Blu-ray fan packs which will be available December 18th exclusively on the Drafthouse Films website. Animal Protector and Amuck, both featured on the compilation, are available now as free digital downloads in HD.

Make sure your boss and/or mom isn’t standing behind you when you watch the trailer: